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Next Book Café Novel Chosen Book Café  The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University by Kevin Roose is the subject of our next Book Club gathering.  Author Kevin Roose explains, “I grew up in the ultimate secular/liberal family (my parents are Quakers who used to work for Ralph Nader), and I never attended church as a kid. But during my sophomore year at Brown University, I got the idea to enroll at Liberty as a transfer student, hoping to learn about my right-wing Christian peers by living among them for a semester while pretending to be one of them.  The Unlikely Disciple is the story of that semester. I sang in Jerry Falwell's church choir, took classes in Creationism and Evangelism 101, lived on a hall with sixty Christian guys, went on a spring break trip to Daytona Beach to convert lost souls, and learned some unexpected lessons.”


                “Roose went to Liberty as an undercover writer, not as a seeker, though much of his book’s considerable charm comes from the fact that he liked a lot of what he found...[a] vivid, sunny and skeptical portrait of life among the saved.”— The New York Times Book Review


                “The Unlikely Disciple is by turns appealing and appalling, laugh-out-loud funny and sobering, serious and silly — just like a semester at college. Kevin Roose has produced a book that is fair, empathetic, thoughtful, touching, consistently entertaining, and a harbinger of more good writing to come." — The Providence Journal 

Copies are now available for check out at the library.