Moyer District Library

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Moyer District Library Board Meeting Agenda

Moyer District Library

Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

7:00 p.m.


___Call to order and roll call by President-Ida Wahls


___Public Comments


___Agenda Additions


___Approval of Minutes from November 9, 2016


___Treasurer’s Report-Chuck Marx-Approve the Financial Report for November and December


___Communications-Sharon Heavilin



Committee/Special Reports


___Building and Grounds—Jim Hazen- Floor in program room down, skylight leaked,  gutters clogged, November 16 Glenn Riddle serviced furnaces for $350.00


___Policy and Personnel-Erin Nuss— Approve Resolution 01-17 to comply with Government Travel Expense Control Act, FOIA annual policy, Friends of the Library policy, General Operations Policy and Indemnification and Insurance Policy.  Sharon will pass out the following policies—Identity Protection Policy, Library Board Bylaws, Library Board Member Oath of Office, Library Strategis/Long Range Plan/Mission Statement, Local Records Retention Policy and Minutes of Closed Meeting


___Long Range Planning- Pat Harper-Still waiting on to ship microfilm to be digitalized.


___Finance-Chuck Marx—


___Librarian’s Report-Sharon Heavilin –Per-capita grant sent in December 20, 2016, Need to do FOIA, OPA and library certification