Moyer District Library

Board of Directors Regular Meeting September 13, 2023

Moyer District Library

Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
6:00 PM

___Call to order and roll call by President - Susan Walker

___Public Comments

___Agenda Additions

___Approval of Minutes from August 9, 2023

___Treasure’s Report  

___Communications - Jessica Titus - 

 Committee/Special Reports

 ___Building and Grounds - Jim Hazen - Parking Lot Lines 

___Policy and Personnel - Erin Nuss  - Insurance 

___Long Range Planning - Erin Nuss - Furniture and technology

___Finance - 

___Librarian’s Report - Jessica Titus - Stats from 2022-2023 year ; Weeding update ; Upcoming Programs

___Old Business - Solar Panels - Info received from GRP|WEGMAN Company

___New Business - Discuss adjusting the board meeting time ; Select Officers and Committee members (Treasure will need to be bonded)