Moyer District Library

Moyer District Library Board Meeting Minutes March 13, 2024


March 13, 2024 at Moyer District Library


Trustees in attendance: Sue Walker, Jim Hazen, Tena Kincaid, Brandon Zumwalt, Heather Killian, and Erin Nuss.


The meeting was called to order by President Sue Walker at 5:30 PM.


Public Comment 




Agenda Additions 

Received Audit  and would like to review and post that it is available to view by public.


Add board review of Circulation, Reference and Computer Usage and Internet Policies. 




The minutes from the February meeting were reviewed. Erin Nuss moved to approve the February minutes and Heather Killian seconded. All members voted to approve the meeting minutes. February minutes were approved. 




See attached 


Building and Grounds


Kaffer had customers parking in our lot. We are sending a letter to them about their customers parking in our lot. We are going to post signs and have none library patrons vehicles towed. 


Discussion of putting up a fence between the back of our lot and  construction equipment.


Policy and Personnel   


We met this month and reviewed the following policies:  Reference, Rules of Conduct, and Circulation

We have streamlined several as they were overlapping. We condensed several others. Please review the updated policies with new structure to eliminate the overlap, redundancy and to update language and usage in current policies. We would like to vote to accept these policies at the April Board Meeting. 


We would like to pay one of the circulation clerks to be the board secretary, taking notes, typing revised policies, posting policies on our website. Some of the work can be done from home with 2-4 hours a week. 


Erin Nuss motioned that Andrea Killian become the board secretary which would entail 2-4 hours a week on work from home until policies and website are updated. Tena Kincaid  seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken and all members voted to allow Andrea Killian to become the board secretary.


Long Range Planning


Computers are set up and fully functioning. There have been very few questions and the computers have improved usage by patrons. 

Finance/Treasurer's Report


We got an Audit: the Treasure or a board member has to sign every check. 

Heather Killian will get put on the checking account so another board member can sign checks, if Erin Nuss is not available. She will start the process of becoming bonded. 


CPPRT tax status: We got $68,000 from the 2 years, and there was an increase due to covid.  We need to follow up with the city for next year, to ensure that we get our CPPRT money for next year. 


The February Treasurer’s Report was reviewed. Heather Killian moved to approve the February report and Brandon Zumwalt seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken and all members voted to approve the February Treasurer’s Report. 


Librarian’s Report

See attached. 


Old Business 



New Business



Adjourn Meeting

Erin Nuss moved to adjourn the meeting. Sue Walker seconded the motion. All members voted to approve. The meeting was adjourned at 6:11.

Respectfully submitted, 

Heather Killian

Secretary of Moyer District Library Board