Moyer District Library

Moyer District Library Board Meeting Minutes April 12, 2023

April 12, 2023 at Moyer District Library

Trustees in attendance: Sue Walker, Jim Hazen, Chuck Marx, Barb Bleich, Brandon
Zumwalt, and Erin Nuss.
The meeting was called to order by President Sue Walker at 6:00 PM.
Public Comment
Agenda Additions
Barb Bleich has submitted a letter of resignation from the board as of June.
The minutes from the March 8 meeting were read. Brandon Zumwalt moved to approve
the minutes. Chuck Marx seconded the motion. All board members approved the
Treasurer's Report
The March financial report was reviewed. Erin Nuss moved to approve it. Barb Bleich
seconded the motion. All voted to approve the March financial report.
Presbyterian Church approved a grant application by the library for a new AED
City of Gibson provided a notice of an amendment to TIF district II and IV.
Notice received from the state regarding an Efficiency Committee. The board will plan
the first meeting of the Decennial Committee on Government Efficiency to follow the
regular meeting of the board.
“Awareness Day” to promote programs in our community. The library will have a table
there on May 13 at North Park.
$155 from book sale and change box on desk–to programming.
$50 donation in memorial of Joan Spencer from Mel-Sib Class of 1955–to Friends.
Fill out the Ford County Certificate of State of Exempt Property Form from the
Assessments Office.
Positive feedback on 4H Leaders on the program room.
Building and Grounds
Edelman Electric completed the prep work for automatic doors.
Gem’s cleaned the carpets. Will clean furniture, tile floors, and program room in spring.
Water Service Line inventory will be completed.
Policy and Personnel
Erin Nuss provided copies of the Director Evaluation Form to all board members and gave copies to the director to give to employees if they would like to complete one.

Long Range Planning
We will set a long range planning meeting prior to the creation of the budget.
No report.
Librarian’s Report
Youth activities over spring break–were focused on ways to serve the community as well as take and make kits, coloring pages, coffee and chocolate giveaways.
Many big activities and lots of littler activities planned throughout the summer including events such as frogs, .
32 attendees at the Agatha Christie live performance.
Old Business
Chuck will revisit the solar panel vendor contact to see if he can get a response.
New Business
Discussion of non-fiction weeding that has been completed to update the collection.
The board is looking for new leadership of the Friends of the Library
Adjourn Meeting
Jim Hazen moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:26. Tena Kincaid seconded the motion.
All members voted to approve. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Erin Nuss
Secretary of Moyer District Library Board