Moyer District Library

Moyer District Library Board Meeting Minutes August 10, 2022


August 10, 2022 at Moyer District Library

Trustees in attendance: Sue Walker, Erin Nuss, Chuck Marx, Barb Bleich, Jim Hazen,
Brandon Zumwalt, and Tena Kincaid.
The meeting was called to order by President Sue Walker at 6:00 PM.
Public Comment
Two patrons attended the board meeting and thanked both the board and the librarian
for their service to the community.
Agenda Additions
The minutes from the June 6, 2022 meeting were read. Erin Nuss moved to approve the
minutes. Chuck Marx seconded the motion. All board members approved the minutes.
Treasurer's Report
The July financial report was reviewed. Jim Hazen moved to approve it. Barb Bleich
seconded the motion. All voted to approve the July financial report.
Per Capita Grant received for the amount of $7880.93.
Generous donation from the Wax family.
Brett Eagan from Compass Insurance will have materials ready for the September
Board Meeting.
Jess started sending postcards to people who signed up for library cards.
St. John’s Lutheran Church Sibley donated money specifically for the children's
Building and Grounds
The board will look at a wobbly table in the local history section after the meeting. If it
needs to be fixed, Jess will contact Glen Riddle. We will also research installing a
changing table in the single space bathroom.
Policy and Personnel
Erin Nuss made a motion to increase payment to Chrystal to $400 every two weeks,
effective immediately. Jim Hazen seconded the motion.
The board reviewed the Moyer Security Camera Policy. Barb Bleich moved to approve
the policy. Jim Hazen seconded the motion. All members voted to approve the policy.

Long Range Planning
Erin Nuss called a meeting of the Long Range Planning committee to discuss
accessibility and the technology plan. Tentatively, the committee will plan to meet
August 31 at 2:00.
Received the Per Capita Grant for $7880.93. The library has not yet received the
property tax disbursement as tax bills have not been mailed yet.
Librarian’s Report
Summer Reading Program had 92 kids sign up but quite a few never even showed up
to get a bag. Next year we are going to meet people where they are and try to improve
to ensure participation. One idea is not to tie activities to specific age groups. Another
idea is to spread the activities out over the whole summer.
Teen and Adult Summer Reading was a huge success—-61 participants and 496
entries for the raffle! A lot of positive feedback from patrons on events and themes this
year. One new hire at the desk and one resignation.
Old Business
New Business
Adjourn Meeting
Jim Hazen moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:40. Barb Bleich seconded the motion. All
members voted to approve. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Erin Nuss, Secretary of Moyer District Library Board