Moyer District Library

Moyer District Library Board Meeting Minutes April 13, 2022


April 13, 2022 at Moyer District Library 

Trustees in attendance: Sue Walker, Erin Nuss, Chuck Marx, Barb Bleich, Jim Hazen, and Brandon Zumwalt. 

The meeting was called to order by President Sue Walker at 6:00 PM. Public Comment 

Agenda Additions 



The minutes from the March 9, 2022 meeting were read. Jim Hazen moved to approve the minutes. Erin Nuss seconded the motion. All board members approved the minutes. 

Treasurer's Report 

The March financial report was reviewed. Erin Nuss moved to approve it. Barb Bleich seconded the motion. All voted to approve the March financial report. 


Letter received to confirm premium payment was received and bond renewed through April 2023. Thank you letter from 4H for allowing them to use the room. $64 from the dollar book sale. 

Building and Grounds 

Downspout pieces were run over outside both sides of the building. Jim cut off the run over part to mend it but it cannot be cut again. He also added red reflective tape so they are more visible. 

John Bell came to fix a clogged toilet. 

The board discussed the Securitas proposal to confirm that we approved paying for the entire expense upfront. 

Policy and Personnel 

Erin and Jess will research the best camera policies from other libraries. 

Long Range Planning 

Technology survey will be open for two weeks starting next week. 



Librarian’s Report 

Librarian, Jess Titus, advocated for the wealth of library programming upcoming in the near future and reviewed past programming successes. Mental Health Month programming for May. The library has partnered with the hospital for speakers, workshops, supplies, etc. A related take and make and some self-care strategies. Ford/Iroquois Extension office will do a Container garden series. 

Summer reading programs for children, teens, and adults will begin soon. During March everyone who checked out a movie got a small bag of popcorn. Many positive comments about this activity. Crafts have also received a lot of positive feedback. The library can no longer accept printer cartridges for recycling because Office Depot has measures in place that are not feasible for library compliance. 

Old Business 


New Business 


Adjourn Meeting 

Erin Nuss moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:25. Chuck Marx seconded the motion. All members voted to approve. The meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Erin Nuss, Secretary of Moyer District Library Board