Moyer District Library

Moyer District Library Board of Directors Regular Meeting

Moyer District Library

Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

6:30 p.m.

___Call to order and roll call by President-Ida Wahls

___Public Comments

___Agenda Additions

___Approval of Minutes from February 14, 2018

___Treasurer’s Report-Chuck Marx-Approve the Financial Report for February

___Communications-Sharon Heavilin

Committee/Special Reports

___Building and Grounds—Jim Hazen-

___Policy and Personnel-Erin Nuss—-Approve the following policies— Test

Proctoring Policy and Unattended Children. Read for next meeting—At Will

Employment Policy, Background Check Policy (?) and Benefits Policy

___Long Range Planning- Pat Harper-set meeting date to review our plan

___Finance-Chuck Marx—

___Librarian’s Report-Sharon Heavilin –Purchase new laptop

___Old Business—

___New Business—

___Adjourn Meeting