Moyer District Library

Gibson City Quilt displayed at library

by Tina Coates

Moyer News

One of the most eye-catching additions to Moyer is the recent donation of the Ford County Sesquicentennial quilt. Karen Wright, who has been quilting since 1979, was approached by the sesquicentennial committee to create a quilt that would represent Gibson City's contribution to Ford County's history. Completed in eight weeks, the quilt is compiled of photos printed on paper fabric, portions of T-shirts, and emblem patches from various businesses, past committees, fraternal organizations, and old photos of peoples, places, and events. A professional quilter, Wright made selections from a myriad of photos provided to her by the Courier. The border, an intricate pattern of black, gold, and green, perfectly reflects the miles of farmland surrounding Gibson City and the very land it was claimed from. Wright embellished one corner with a corn applique. The aspect the quilter enjoyed the most was seeing the end result. "Not knowing how the quilt will look" was the fun part, said Wright. A permanent feature, the quilt will remain with Moyer for the public to enjoy indefinitely. We thank Wright for this incredible donation.