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Add a leaf to the Giving Tree......expand the future for the community. Since 1876, the Gibson City residents have enjoyed access to a public library. Throughout the library’s history, the building and collection have evolved into a facility intregal to Gibson’s growth. From students young and old, to passersby exploring Central Illinois history, Moyer District Library has maintained a quality of service for our community.

The current structure, built in 1962, has a children’s library created in the facility’s lower level. Well-loved and well-used, this children’s area has reached its limit and accessibility as the community has grown. Moyer Library, which became a district library in the fall 2000 election, now offers a variety of programs and services. Growing pains encountered since annexing local towns into the library district have meant not only tightening acquisition standards due to shelf space constraints, but also limiting technology additions for a patronage requiring more internet access for daily living.

As the demographics of families change, so have the accessibility requirements for the building. Located in the basement, with only a staircase entry, the children’s library presents a real challenge to the physically impaired - young and old alike.

How do we keep Moyer

District Library thriving?

Removing growth barriers means expansion. Moyer has fully utilized its current building and could maximize its site with an addition.

Our vision is to give all patrons access to all departments and to continue allowing the collection to grow.

Honoring your loved one or special event with a contribution to Moyer’s Giving Tree gives you an opportunity to not only help us to meet this goal, but also share tangible evidence of your memories.  

                                                                             As a tree grows,

its canopy broadens,

its roots deepen.

The same applies to

a thriving library.

The Giving Tree

Beautifully hand-crafted, the Moyer Giving Tree commemorates donations of $100 or above to the building fund.

Small Leaf $100

Medium Leaf $250

Acorn $1000

Highlight a birthday, anniversary, or special event.

Honor a loved one, living or deceased.

Designate Moyer as the recipient of your organization’s fundraising efforts.

Moyer District Library

618 South Sangamon Avenue

Gibson City, IL 60936

Please return this form and your check made out to

Moyer District Library, 618 S. Sangamon Avenue, Gibson City, IL 60936. All donations are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. For more information, please call Moyer District Library at 217-784-5343.

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Amount: $100 (small leaf) $250 (medium leaf) $1000 (acorn)

Gifts less than $100 are greatly accepted, but will not receive an engraved leaf.